Mission On The Move

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Ready for a life-changing experience that will leave you with a new perspective on your world, a deeper relationship with God, and new, impactful relationships? Then go with MOM on an in-country, short-term mission trip. Would you love to do that but are not able to travel internationally? No problem! Learn about our Virtual Mission Team experience below. Feeling God’s calling to enter the mission field full time? Find resources to help you learn more about becoming a missionary by clicking here.

In-Country Mission Teams

Our MOM local missionaries welcome you and your mission team to join them in ministry to those we serve for God in our local communities. Our in-country mission trips are customized to the passions and skill sets of the team and can include:

  • Vacation Bible School Activities
  • Street Evangelism and Prayer
  • Youth Retreats
  • Recreational Activities
  • Indoor and Outdoor Painting
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Building Construction
Mission On The Move
Mission On The Move

Participate in a Mission Trip

Each mission team is led by a Team Leader who has previously participated on a MOM mission trip and has been trained by our MOM team for their role to help ensure a safe, well-planned, and impactful experience for the team participants. Team participants are led through pre-trip activities that:

  • Foster Team Building
  • Educate Them on Serving in a Foreign Country in a Way That Honors God and the Local People, Including Local Customs, Dress Code, and Code of Conduct
  • Provide Health and Safety Parameters

Ready to schedule a team? Email [email protected] for Honduras teams and [email protected] for Mexico teams.

Access Team Leader and Team Participant resources by clicking here.

Virtual Mission Teams

Need an alternative to an in-person mission team? Experience a virtual mission team project.

We hope that one of our available projects will awaken your church or small group members to participate in a virtual mission team. This experience supports both large and small budgets and can:

  • Spark Interest for Future in-country Mission Trips
  • Promote Participation in Local Mission Projects in Your Own Community
  • Give Those That Are Unable to Travel a Rare Chance to Participate in an International Project Fully
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Mission On The Move

Empowering Communities

Virtual mission team participants will have fun and grow closer to God while making an impact with projects that employ local workers, purchase supplies from local vendors, and complete meaningful projects aligned with Mission on the Move’s ministry to strengthen communities and transform lives through Christ.

We can’t wait to see what God does in and through you!
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Ready to schedule a team? Email aj@missiononthemove.org for Honduras teams and [email protected] for Mexico teams.