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Background Of Mission On The Move:

Mission On The Move (MOM) is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian missions agency with missions in Kenya, Mexico, and Honduras. Each country has its own missionary who is responsible for development of an evangelical, discipleship program with an emphasis on children and their families. MOM is based in Springfield, Georgia, and is registered as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

 Description of Program in Mexico

Our Mexico mission takes children whose parents are incarcerated in the Mexican prison system or children who have been abandon or abused and gives them a safe place to live and learn about Jesus Christ. We provide a place to stay, three good meals a day, Christian parenting and discipline, and all educational needs. All this to give glory to God. Our mission also uses this ministry to reach out to the parents in prison, giving MOM an opportunity to share the power of the cross with a population that have typically refused or abandoned the Christian faith.


The candidate for Career Missionary Position in Mexico should have the following:

A strong Christian faith
A Love for Children and People in general, regardless of their background
Good knowledge of financial and accounting principles such as creating a budget and working within a budget, fundraising, controlling expenses, exchange rates, etc.
Good administrative and organizational skills to include preparing reports, developing presentations, working within government regulations, etc.
Good managerial skills as you work with and manage local staff and volunteers
Good people skills and hospitality used with teams that visit, with children in the program, parents in prison, and government officials, etc.
Ability to teach and lead small groups in Bible Study – with children and adults
Ability to represent MOM in public speaking in churches, community groups, etc.
Ability to speak and understand (or willing to learn) Spanish 
A working knowledge of hygiene and nutrition
A clean, drug-free criminal history
A life of financial stability demonstrated by a good credit score
Stable, long-term membership in a church family with an active missions/outreach and evangelism focus
A good, Godly reputation in your home community demonstrating you are above reproach and conduct yourself responsibly
Career Missionaries serve for a minimum term of three years, renewable on agreement of both the missionary and the MOM Board of Directors. Career missionaries are not salaried employees. Rather, they are self supported and are responsible for raising their own financial support. MOM’s Board and staff support missionaries in the field administratively.

Send resume and questions to missiononthemove@windstream.net with the name and contact information for your pastor and three references that are not family members.

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss this dynamic career field and the opportunities it presents.

MOM is a growing international mission organization (sending agency) based in Georgia, U.S.A.. Our focus is ministry to orphans and vulnerable children.  We seek an Executive Director whose responsibilities will include operations, employee performance, and fundraising activities as follows:

1.)   Report directly to the MOM Board of Directors and each Missionary reports directly to the Executive Director; 

2.)   Periodically travel to MOM sites in Mexico and Honduras for the purpose of performing an evaluation of the overall operations;

3.)   Organize and conduct three Board of Directors meetings each year and at each shall present an Annual financial report (with interim financial updates), Personnel reports, Fund Raising reports, and a Report of Proposals to accomplish the long-term mission of the organization; 

4.)   Be responsible for selecting, employing, controlling, and discharging employees, missionaries and contractors, and developing and maintaining personnel policies and practices for MOM;

5.)   Oversee the fundraising efforts of MOM and shall take an active role in the same;

6.)   Provide for the proper maintenance of the physical property of MOM;  

7.)   Be MOM’s representative to outside organizations and the world, which includes maintaining our social media presence. 

8.)   Other duties as may be defined by the Board of Directors.

Mission On The Move has spent the last five years in transition and we are in a great place right now. Our work is focused and clear. We have a solid presence in Mexico and Honduras and a mission we can articulate. We have an incredible group of partners, we have a solid financial base, our operations are streamlined and lean, our missionary teams are stable, and our accountability is evident.

 We are approaching a new time in the growth of our organization. Our Executive Director, Ernie Sizemore, who has led us through these transitions, has been the right leader for MOM.  His experience in organization and problem solving has established operational and financial policies and procedures that have secured our financial security. Ernie is now ready to fully focus on the mission in Honduras and wishes to pass the torch a new Executive Director.  He has committed to leading MOM until a suitable Executive Director can be transitioned into the role, regardless of how long that may take.

 As a missionary sending organization, we are seeking a Christian Executive Director who can lead our Strategic Planning process and growth, while keeping our organizational focus on Christ. We need your help to find the right person to lead our organization.

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Send questions and inquiries by email to hr@missiononthemove.org with your name and contact information. We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss this dynamic career and the opportunities it presents.



Called by God to go and serve vulnerable children

believing the love of Christ brings hope, transforms lives, & strengthens communities.

MOM seeks an Executive Director who is a strong evangelical Christian with a history of service to the church and who has a passion for missions involving orphans and vulnerable children. Experience in business management and fundraising are needed. International travel, thus a valid U.S.A. Passport, is required.